Practice Paper 1: Prose

Analyze a fictional prose extract in this IB-style Practice Paper 1. Includes guiding question and video solutions.

Lang Lit

Preview the Paper

15 minutes

Annotate & plan your essay directly inside the browser.

We recommend you use a touch screen with a stylus for the best experience. Otherwise, download as PDF and print.


Understanding the Literal Meaning

6 minutes

In this video we go through the literal meaning of the major sections of the text. A strong interpretation is crucial for analysis.

Summarizing the sections

3 minutes

Learn this effective method to quickly interpret texts and find the core meaning.

Annotation and Analysis

32 minutes

Learn how to find the best techniques and come up with insightful interpretations and analysis.

Exemplar Plan

26 minutes

Let's come up with an exemplar plan for the guided analysis.

Writing the Analysis Together

39 minutes

Let's write IB7 level analysis together.

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