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Our flagship course that takes you from struggling in IB English to excelling in it. Focused on Paper 1 but teaches analysis skills for all assessment. Explains how anyone can write 7-level analytical essays like no other resource… 🤯 

The ‘little sister’ of Analysis Simplified. Short cram-able guide with tips and tricks on scoring high on Paper 2. Most LitLearn students take Analysis Simplified and Paper 2 Survival Guide together, to max out their assessment stats 📈

Hi, I'm Jackson Huang.

LitLearn Instructor, IB45 Graduate.

Some people say English is ‘all talent’.

But I know first-hand that it’s simply not true…

ANYONE can excel in IB English.

All you need is two things:

(1) the right information: i.e. how to write analysis–the right way.

(2) a mentor who has done what you want to achieve.

I scored a perfect 20/20 in my final IB English Paper 1 exam, and a 7 in IB English overall.

In Analysis Simplified, I help students improve in IB English in a matter of weeks…

How? Through hard-won lessons and practical exam strategies that I actually used to achieve consistent success in assessment.

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