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60+ bite-sized questions to improve analysis, writing and organization. 6+ hours of practice questions.

  • Identifying literary devices, tone & atmosphere
  • Finding central ideas & themes
  • Annotating & analyzing quotes and passages
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Identifying Literary Devices

3 mins per question

Practice identifying all literary devices in a passage.

Identifying Tone & Atmosphere

1 - 3 mins per question

Practice identifying the tone and atmosphere of a given passage.

Quick Quotes

5 - 10 mins per question

Annotate quotes with the Diamond Method and Flowcharts, then analyze the full quote. Compare your response with an IB7 exemplar response.

Finding Themes & Ideas

3 - 5 mins per question

Practice identifying the central ideas and themes of a given passage.

Short Guided Analysis

15 mins per question

Write short analysis paragraphs on a given theme or idea. Guided analysis with topic sentences, and selecting and ordering evidence.

Need full practice papers?

1 hour per question

Full IB-style Paper 1 practice papers with detailed markschemes, exemplar planning, essay exemplars and video solutions.

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