Prepare for IB English Individual Oral (IO)

Practical study guide to ace your IB English Individual Oral.
Preparation guide, practical examples and exemplar script.

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Step 1Understand the basics

The Individual Oral is a challenging component of IB English. It's also worth 30% (for SL) or 20% (for HL) of your final IB English grade.

We'll first cover the basics of the Individual Oral, including the format, choosing a global issue, and how to prepare.

Step 2Deeper links to Global Issue

Students often struggle to find insightful links to the Global Issue, leaving their Individual Oral stuck at the IB4 to 5 range.

In the IO study guide, we show you four detailed examples of how to link to the Global Issue in a way that leaves your teacher amazed.

Step 3Exemplar IO Script

Going off a blank page is hard. That's why we've written an exemplar script for you to study and learn from.

This script demonstrates insightful links to the Global Issue and is a strong example for you to follow.

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