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Some basic ground rules for using the IB English Paper 2 Survival Guide

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The climb to the top

We will guide you through each level of understanding by providing a set of questions. Some ground rules and guidelines.

  1. These questions are open-ended and don't have 'correct' answers (welcome to IB English?)
  2. In fact, these questions are not really questions. They are prompts that put you on the right track and get you asking the right questions of your texts.
  3. To answer these prompts, you probably need to do all of the following:
    1. Read your texts
    2. Flick through them looking for quotes
    3. Use Google, LitCharts, SparkNotes, CliffNotes
    4. Refer to your class notes
    5. And of course, use ChatGPT (don't rely on it for facts, it makes up a lot of stuff!)
  4. You should spend about 30 minutes on the more difficult prompts, as you'll need to dig through your texts, find a bunch of quotes, and decide on the best quote to analyse.
  5. Rome wasn't built in a day, and the same goes for your soon-to-be Pyramids of Knowledge. It will take time. Spread out the work over a timeframe of at least a week. If you are desperately cramming, then feel free to throw this advice out of the window. Random fact: A cool verb for throwing something out of a window is “defenestrate”. Please defenestrate the said advice if you are cramming.
  6. You should progress from Level 1 to 4 in order as the higher levels build on top of the lower levels.
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