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Learn literary techniques

Don’t slack off on your literary techniques! Head over to our LitLearn Quiz to learn all the essential IB English literary techniques for your exams and Internal Assessments. Flashcards + definitions are the easiest way to learn literary techniques, so there’s no excuse to not get started right now!

Paper 1


Download “Planning template for IB Literature” Paper+1+Planning+template+Literature.docx – Downloaded 1593 times – 63 KB

Download “Planning template for IB Lang Lit” Paper+1+Planning+template+Lang+Lit.docx – Downloaded 1637 times – 66 KB

Practice exam 1

Download “SL Poem - Departure” Poem+Departure.pdf – Downloaded 744 times – 27 KB

Download “Sample SL commentary 1 (17/20)” Paper+1+SL+Departure.pdf – Downloaded 2509 times – 963 KB


Paper 2

practice exam 1

Download “Sample SL Paper 2” Paper+2+SL+Interest.pdf – Downloaded 1022 times – 1 MB