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Disclaimer: These do not represent average results. Joining LitLearn does not guarantee immediate improvement. The rate of improvement depends on the individual's starting point and the time & effort spent.

Learn Analysis

Your analysis skills determine your score in every IB English assessment & exam.

  • Feel in control with systematic lessons from zero to advanced analysis
  • Stay motivated with engaging lessons, videos and practice questions
  • Learn from the best: Practical strategies by IB45 and IB7 graduates

Our Recommended Method...

Step 1Learn Foundations

Students struggle with IB English because of shaky foundations.

School classes often skip crucial concepts due to a lack of time.

After Analysis Foundations, you'll finally understand what 'analysis' is, and how to do it properly using an intuitive formula.

Step 2Learn Techniques

Build a powerful mental library of the purposes and effects of 30 essential literary and non-literary techniques.

These practical lessons are full of exemplar analyses and Analysis Advice--like an instruction manual you can apply to any text.

Step 3Do Questionbank

You can't improve without practice.

Simplify and accelerate your IB English study with our curated collection of 5- to 10-minute questions, complete with IB7 exemplar responses.

Step 4Advanced Analysis

If you're struggling to reach a 7 or a perfect score, you need to go beyond the basics.

Uncover the secrets on exactly how to write deep, flowing analysis that stands out from the crowd.


60+ short questions to practice analysis, writing and structure. 6+ hours of practice.

  • Identify techniques, tone & mood
  • Annotate & write analysis for short quotes
  • Find themes & write analysis for longer passages
Annotate Quote

Annotate the following quote from the passage.

Sarah hesitated at the base of the tree. She glanced up with wide eyes at the familiar giant. She'd never climbed it without her brothers. Her movements were awkward at first. But as her fingers gripped the third branch and her foot found its hold, she began to flow like a dancer on stage. High above, the leaves rustled like an audience's soft applause, and beneath her, the patchwork of greens and yellows danced in the summer sun, each patch holding its own whispered tale.
Sarah climbs gracefully and with skill
conveys her growing confidence
Sarah is dancing on a tree
highlights Sarah's incompetence

Ace IB English Paper 1

Learn the exact approach that IB45 Instructor Jackson Huang used to score 20/20 on his final exam.

  • Powerful strategies to interpret any text
  • Why failing to plan means planning to fail
  • Practice papers with video solutions and markschemes

Our Recommended Method...

Step 1Paper 1 Guide

Detailed step-by-step guide that breaks down the Paper 1 guided analysis into two clear stages: Planning and Writing.

We share practical advice on how to write a bullet-proof thesis and how to choose the right essay structure.

Step 2IB-style Practice Papers

Simplify and accelerate your IB English Paper 1 preparation with our curated collection of IB-style Practice Paper 1 exams, complete with detailed video solutions or written markschemes.

Step 3IB Past Paper Solutions

Perfect preparation for your final Paper 1 exams. Learn from our exemplar solution (thesis, plan & full essay) for six IB English Language & Literature Past Paper 1 exams. More solutions will be added for Literature in future.

Ace IB English Paper 2

Step-by-step guide on how to ace the IB English Paper 2 comparative analysis essay.

  • Learn the practical Paper 2 strategies used by IB45 and IB7 graduates
  • Efficiently plan and brainstorm thesis and comparisons
  • Exemplar writing snippets and full exemplar IB7 essay response

Our Recommended Method...

Step 1Prepare

Preparation is key to success. This fact is even more true for IB English Paper 2.

In Part 1 of the study guide, you'll be asked to complete the 4 levels of Missions, which will rigorously prepare you for any Paper 2 prompt.

Step 2Learn Brainstorming Strategy

Unlike Paper 1, IB English Paper 2 requires more planning and brainstorming because you have to compare two texts.

In Part 2 of the study guide, you'll learn how to optimally structure your essay. You'll also learn the concrete framework to quickly plan and brainstorm under exam conditions.

We'll also show you how to write a thesis statement that will impress your examiner.

Step 3Learn Comparative Analysis

The conventions of comparative analysis are different from Paper 1.

Part 3 of the study guide teaches you the detailed building blocks that make excellent comparative analysis that will blow your examiner away.

You'll learn how to write a powerful introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Step 4Exemplar Essay

We've written an exemplar essay for you to study and learn from.

This essay scored an IB7 and is a strong example for you to follow.

Ace your Individual Oral

Step-by-step guide on how to ace the IB English Individual Oral (IO).

  • Use simple methods to deepen your IO insight and increase marks
  • Feel certainty by learning from our exemplar IO script
  • Use practical IO strategies used by IB45 and IB7 graduates

Our Recommended Method...

Step 1Understand the basics

The Individual Oral is a challenging component of IB English. It's also worth 30% (for SL) or 20% (for HL) of your final IB English grade.

We'll first cover the basics of the Individual Oral, including the format, choosing a global issue, and how to prepare.

Step 2Deeper links to Global Issue

Students often struggle to find insightful links to the Global Issue, leaving their Individual Oral stuck at the IB4 to 5 range.

In the IO study guide, we show you four detailed examples of how to link to the Global Issue in a way that leaves your teacher amazed.

Step 3Exemplar IO Script

Going off a blank page is hard. That's why we've written an exemplar script for you to study and learn from.

This script demonstrates insightful links to the Global Issue and is a strong example for you to follow.

Feel supported by experienced IB English tutors

Join the Discord group for LitLearn Pro members.

  • Get help from verified IB45 and IB7 IB English tutors
  • Clarify questions about course content & exam strategies
  • Feel supported by experienced IB English tutors
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From Struggling to Succeeding in IB English

How struggling IB English students have improved their grades with LitLearn Pro... Read the reviews.

IB4 to IB6 in 12 days

"LitLearn helped me understand exactly what I was doing wrong and how to improve upon those mistakes."

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Aanya VoraLang Lit SL

IB6 to IB7 in 1 week

"I ended with a 7 in English Literature HL and I am so happy about that. Thank you Jackson."

Read the full review
Photo of LitLearn student Saesha Grover
Saesha GroverLit HL

IB5 to Perfect 20/20 in 1 week

"I managed to be the only person in my IB cohort of 120 students to get a perfect score of 20/20"

Read the full review
Photo of LitLearn student Ankur Boyed
Ankur BoyedLang Lit HL

IB4 to IB6 in 2 weeks

"The lessons are really effective in grabbing my attention and making English more fun to learn."

Photo of LitLearn student Harsheen Punjabi
Harsheen PunjabiLang Lit SL

IB4 to IB6 in 1 day

"With just day 1 of the course, I improved immediately and overnight when I did a practice essay and improved by 4 marks from my previous grades"

Read the full review
Marleen TohPre-IB

IB5 to IB7

"I got 5s since my first year of DP and now my final grade is 7! I can't thank you enough 🙂 LitLearn is truly a lifesaver."

Derin TimucinLang Lit SL
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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if LitLearn is right for you, your child, or your students? Here are some common questions we get asked by students, parents and teachers.

What is LitLearn?

LitLearn is the dedicated study resource for IB English students. We were awarded the #1 IB English study resource for 2022 by IB Students & Teachers at

We offer an organized study guide that simplifies and shortcuts your IB English grade improvement, based on practical strategies used by our IB45 and IB7 instructors.

What is the benefit of LitLearn?

English doesn't have to be boring!

Our lessons are practical, easy-to-understand and engaging (aka funny).

We've heard from students again and again that they actually want to study IB English after using our resources. Read our students' testimonials.

Who is LitLearn for?

LitLearn is tailored specifically for IB English students.

Our content covers IB English Language & Literature and IB English Literature. Both Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) content are covered by our resources.

Many IB English teachers and schools have also used LitLearn as a study resource for their students.

Do I need to know anything before I start the course?

The lessons assume no prior knowledge (except for the English language). The lessons are systematic and cover everything from foundations to advanced concepts.

My grade is an IB _. Can LitLearn still help me?

Absolutely! We've helped IB English students who started from IB3, IB4, IB5, IB6 and even IB7 improve their IB English assessment scores.

Take a look at the testimonials and reviews for specific details on how LitLearn helped them.

How quickly will I see improvements?

Results vary from person to person, depending on your starting point and how much effort & time you dedicate to the resources.

We've had students who saw improvements overnight, in a matter of days, in 1 week, several weeks, to several months.

Take a look at the testimonials and reviews for real student stories to help you decide.

Is LitLearn suitable for the current 2021 syllabus?

Yes, LitLearn is suitable for the current IB English Language & Literature and IB English Literature syllabi (First assessment 2021). We update our resources to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest requirements of the IB English syllabus.

Who are the instructors?

LitLearn was created by Jackson Huang, IB 45 graduate Class of 2014. Jackson is the Head Instructor.

After the IB, Jackson was accepted to the top US liberal arts colleges: Harvard, Amherst and Williams Colleges for the Class of 2019. He also received Vice-Chancellor scholarships to the University of Melbourne and University of Queensland in Australia. Jackson scored a 20/20 in IB English Paper 1.

The tutoring team at LitLearn includes highly-experienced IB English tutors, including Saesha Grover (IB 45 graduate, Class of 2022, past LitLearn student) and Jerica Nieva (IB English 7 graduate, Class of 2021).

What if I'm unhappy with the resources?

Students have a 7-day satisfaction period following purchase, during which they can request a refund. Each refund request is reviewed on an individual basis. However, it is at LitLearn’s sole discretion whether the refund is approved or denied. This refund policy applies to purchases throughout the year, except within two weeks of the final November and May IB English exam dates.

What is LitLearn Pro?

LitLearn Pro is a 1-year membership that gives you access to all of our premium resources. It's a one-off payment. No subscriptions, no recurring payments.

Free members can access a limited number of free resources. See our Membership options.

There's a lot of content... how do I finish it?

Unlocking LitLearn Pro means you get access to over 150 lessons and almost 8 hours of premium video solutions and video summaries.

LitLearn is a study resource, so you don't need to complete all lessons to see improvements.

We recommend starting with the Learn Analysis module. Having strong analysis skills is the key to succeeding in all IB English assessment, including Paper 1, Individual Oral, Paper 2 & Higher Level Essay.

You can then move on to the other modules, depending on which assessment your school is focusing on at the time.

How many people can access a single account?

Access is restricted to a single device. If you try to access your account from a different device, you will be logged out of your current device.

As per our Terms, account sharing with other students is not allowed and can result in the termination of your account.

Is LitLearn suitable for IB schools, tutoring centers and classes?

Yes, LitLearn is suitable for IB English students taking the current syllabus (First assessment 2021). However, schools and classes need to arrange a separate license with LitLearn since a single LitLearn account is restricted to a single device by our systems. Please contact us about your needs.

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